March is "National Social Work Month" in the state of Pennsylvania. Today Pennsylvania Representative Carol Hill-Evans visited Mrs. Solita Day, Lincoln's school social worker, to recognize Mrs. Day for her knowledge, passion, and work done on behalf of our students, families, and their communities. 

Lincoln Charter School is so proud of Mrs. Day's dedication to advocacy, resourcing, and guidance for our lion community. Mrs. Day works day in and day out with a strong sense of pride, get-the-job-done attitude, and poise. She inspires all of us students, staff, and community members to put forth 110% just as she does!

Congratulations Mrs. Day, we are so happy that leaders in the community are able to recognize you for the amazing, strong, and dedicated leader we already see you to be!

Left, PA Rep Carol Hill-Evans; Middle, Mrs. Solita Day; Right, Principal Deborah Smallwood

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