Lincoln Charter School is proud to offer a wide variety of enhanced learning opportunities to all our students. Aside from basic skills instruction, students receive specialized instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, World Language, Library, and Technology.


Overview: Students work on typing skills as well as computer skills necessary for the 21st century. Students conduct internet searches as well as learning how to use Microsoft Office components including PowerPoint and Excel. In addition, technology is also being used to increase reading and math skills through Moby Max and Study Island.
Lincoln Charter School is a public charter school that is devoted to creating a 21st-century learning environment. The school Technology Department has conducted extensive research to create and implement a fully interactive and cross-subject curriculum. The curriculum standards are based on the PA state standards and will enrich/ re-enforce the academic curriculum. The objective of this curriculum is to provide our students with technology-based skills and operational skill sets. We expect our students to have an intermediate knowledge of computer-related skills and develop their problem solving, critical thinking, and imaginative mindsets.


Overview: The library introduces students to the rich world of literature, promotes life-long learning and builds a love of reading by offering a variety of activities and resources.
As a school, we are excited to have the ability to see all the students and help them find the joy of reading. Our goal for the Library Special is for everyone to seek knowledge through books and reading. By working with parents who are the child’s first and most valuable teacher, we can nurture their love of reading. This is accomplished through time spent reading, reviewing comprehension, vocabulary, and most importantly, demonstrating our love of reading. The library is the hub of our school and is open for all to visit. Stop by and experience the excitement.


Overview: Students will interact with a variety of art materials, techniques, and styles to develop creative-thinking skills and to foster an appreciation for the visual arts.
This course provides students with a visual art experience that will help develop the student’s creativity and imagination. We believe that learning can be fun. Our students have so much energy flowing through our room. As you walk into our classroom you can just tell that something great is going on; you can sense learning. My classroom is student-centered. All activities are designed to benefit them and their learning needs. When we learn things in school it is important to see the connections to the “real world.” We realize we have such a diverse exchange of personalities and experiences. We help each other make those connections. I see every child as an individual and appreciate their own unique learning styles.


Overview: In music class, students will learn to appreciate music from around the world, cooperatively create music and play a wide variety of instruments.
Music at Lincoln Charter School is a program designed to equip the students with the skills necessary for musical understanding and enjoyment. Through active participation in the music-making process, the students learn through Music reading, singing, and instrumental playing. This is integrated to teach the elements of music; Small percussion, recorders are played in an ensemble in a non-competitive atmosphere where one of the rewards is the pleasure of making good music with others. Performance opportunities are available to feature the musical talents of the students and showcase the learning that takes place in the music classroom.


Overview: Students are introduced to a variety of movement, fitness, and sports-themed concepts to develop the necessary skills for a lifetime of healthy physical activity.
The mission is to combine educating students on the importance of establishing healthy eating habits and the importance of getting plenty of exercise to decrease the risk of many health-related issues such as childhood diabetes and obesity in children. We do this by creating different ways to make moving fun and worthwhile so students will continue to work and maintain their level of fitness outside of the classroom. Through movement, we concentrate on basic motor skills and rhythmic movements. As well as begin concentrating on using their basic skills to learn a variety of sports and sports skills.