Lincoln Charter School’s Right-to-Know Officer is Shante Smith-Miller, who can be contacted at ssmith@lincolncharterpa.com or by calling (717) 699-1573.

More information about Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law is available through the Office of Open Records, Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North Street, 4th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17120. Information is also available on the Office of Open Records website: www.openrecords.pa.gov.
The district will charge the following fees when a requester seeks to obtain a copy and for conversion of an electronic record to paper:

  • Printing copy of non-paper record – 25 cents per page

  • Photocopying – 25 cents per page

  • Certified copy — $20 flat fee

  • Electronic copy of record – Electronic copies will be provided by means of non-rewritable CD. For transfer of an electronic file to a non-rewritable CD, the charge is $1 for the CD, plus $20 per hour with a minimum charge of $20. The same charge will apply for email of records when a request is made to access in electronic form and solely for its convenience the district chooses email transmission in lieu of providing a CD. No charge will apply if solely for its convenience the district elects to email a record instead of providing access through personal inspection of a paper copy.

  • Redaction – If redaction is required before the record can be accessed, the district will charge $20 per hour.

  • Mailing copy of record – If a request is made for mailing and the district chooses to mail the copy instead of personal pick-up, the requester will pay the actual cost of shipping or postage.

  • Facsimile transmission – If a request is made for facsimile transmission and the district chooses to provide facsimile transmission instead of personal pick-up, the requester will pay 25 cents per page.

The total sum owed shall be paid before the public record is given to the requester. If the duplication or transmission of a public record will cost $100 or more, that fee must be paid in advance of the request being processed.