Wonders – 120 minutes daily
The Wonders programs are uniquely designed to move students ahead seamlessly – whether in the core classroom, participating in English language development instruction, or benefiting from intervention support. Wonders, Wonders for English Learners, and WonderWorks, all focus on the same Essential Question, vocabulary, skills, and strategies throughout a given week. Wonders provides students with a 50/50 fiction/non-fiction balanced curriculum and helps to build h2 readers and writers, with thematic text sets and a wealth of flexible resources to support instruction.

My Math – 90 minutes daily
McGraw-Hill My Math is written to meet the Common Core State Standards, personalized for the way students learn, and individualized to maximize student success. My Math provides a colorful and intuitive lesson format that is engaging and kid-friendly, making math fun and memorable. Daily homework also allows for consistent practice on skills that are taught daily in class. Students interact with the text in multiple ways throughout the learning cycle. Personalized vocabulary, student created examples, online games, and downloadable apps move students from learning abstract concepts to concepts they can apply.

Writer’s Workshop – 40 minutes daily
Our Writer’s Workshop program teaches explicit writing strategies within the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, final copy, and proofreading) to help students organize their thinking and their writing. Through this program, our students have learned to organize and write in a logical order, expand and support their statements, and write multi-paragraph pieces, even at an early age. Students practice key skills and concepts through mini-lessons, see concepts in action through the use of mentor texts as well as demonstrate their writing skills during independent writing.

Social Science – 40 minutes daily
TCI provides teachers with the tools, resources and science curriculum they need to make their classroom lessons fun and effective. Teachers utilize interactive science resources for students to gain access to lessons and investigations that are 100% in line with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Science – 40 minutes daily
Active, hands-on explorations help students build their understanding of the key scientific concepts and big ideas that explain our world. Each unit provides 12 classroom-tested activities for 4-to-6 weeks of science instruction. The activities engage students in inquiry-based learning. Students learn better when they are engaged and involved, and they remember what they have learned. A three-part assessment, including a Unit Test, shows that students master the science concepts as well as academic-related vocabulary.


Curriculum and Support that is focused and driven by all students in K through 5th grade.

As the Academy Coach of grades K through 5, my main professional responsibility is to provide support for teachers around using evidence-based literacy and mathematic strategies. The main goals of instructional coaching are increasing student engagement, improving student achievement, and building teacher capacity in our school. Along with those goals, the Academy Coach provides professional development to teachers on data analysis with an emphasis on how to use the data to guide instructional decision-making. The Academy Coach also oversees the day-to-day running of the academy. As always, I am also here to support students and parents as needed when it comes to academics.