Principal’s Platform:
The Principal’s Platform was created to make an authentic connection between the principal and parents possible. Principals and parents want the best for all students. In these busy times both stakeholders need to have time to discuss the important issues facing schools in quick thirty minute bursts. The Principal’s Platform can be on any topic important to the principal or parents. The research for all topics is completed before the platform occurs. It makes moving to solutions and clear communication easier and more effective.

Men/Women’s Speak:
Essentially is a mix of philosophy, politics, religion, sports, education, and small talk. It is in the purest sense a frank, to the point conversation that involves no trying to interpret the “deeper meaning” and involves no advice-giving.

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Circles of Engagement:
Lincoln Charter School has a unique approach to engagement. Lincoln Charter School believes in distributed leadership. We include all stakeholders, scholars, parents, teachers, staff, board members, and community members in the strategic planning for LCS. Lincoln Charter School works on second order change which allows our school to move more rigorously to advance outcomes for our students. Together they form a powerful circle for developing partnerships. The purpose of this tool is to sensitize stakeholders to the broad range of partners and constituents relevant to working on the complex issues associated with urban change. The Engagement Circle is designed to put all stakeholders needed in one circle and keep the conversation on a single topic. The facilitator keeps the conversation moving having groups share out every five minutes. This can be done with large groups and a single classroom.

I believe….. Letter Writing:
Principal Leonard Hart believes there is no greater bond than from parent to child. He believes that it is our responsibility as a school to make time for parents to connect with their children. Please join us in writing to your child everything you wish for them this year and beyond.

LCS Ambassadors:
School Ambassadors Role Models offers a wide variety of mentoring programs and opportunities for students in grade five and a hand selected grade four. The program will assure that students achieve their academic potential as well as building leadership within the community and the educational environment. Each of these opportunities is designed to keep student-staff mentor relationships professional, intimate and to facilitate communication with the inside/outside community engagements. The program is completely voluntary, and students will be referred by grade level teachers.

Student and Parent Resources:

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