Emergency Announcement

Summer Hours

Posted on Wednesday June 12, 2019

Lincoln Charter School will be open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Thursday during the summer. Don't forget to sign up and join us for summer school starting Monday, June 17, 2019.

Staff Directory

Arelis Agramonte Instructional Coach aagramonte@lincolncharterpa.com
Eileen Almoney Instructional Coach ealmoney@lincolncharterpa.com
John Anderson Staff janderson@lincolncharterpa.com
John Barnes Buildings and Grounds jbarnes@lincolncharterpa.com
Robin BeattySmith Staff
Teresa Bollis Kindergarten Teacher tbollis@lincolncharterpa.com
Michael Bones Building and Grounds
Ed Briercheck Staff ebriercheck@lincolncharterpa.com
Katherine Bright Music Teacher kbright@lincolncharterpa.com
Amber Carbaugh Instructional Coach acarbaugh@lincolncharterpa.com
Ariel Carrasquillo Technology Manager acarrasquillo@lincolncharterpa.com
Anne Clark Community Outreach Specialist aclark@lincolncharterpa.com
Vanessa Cusaac School Operations Manager vcussac@lincolncharterpa.com
Kristin Daddario Third Grade Teacher kdaddario@lincolncharterpa.com
Amanda Deardorff Fifth Grade Teacher adeardorff@lincolncharterpa.com
Cassandra DeLaRonde Fourth Grade Teacher cdelaronde@lincolncharterpa.com
Adam Dively Math Interventionist adively@lincolncharterpa.com
Leah Ellingson Special Education Manager lellingson@lincolncharterpa.com
Caitlin Fourhman Fourth Grade Teacher cfourhman@lincolncharterpa.com
Marrideth Freeman Secound Grade Teacher mfreeman@lincolncharterpa.com
Marc Fry Physical Education Teacher mfry@lincolncharterpa.com
Chelsea Grace Fifth Grade Teacher cgrace@lincolncharterpa.com
Theresa Graham Special Ed Teacher tgraham@lincolncharterpa.com
Morgan Grove First Grade Teacher mgrove@lincolncharterpa.com
Wendell Harper Building and Grounds wharper@lincolncharterpa.com
Leonard Hart Principal lhart@lincolncharterpa.com
Jess Hartlaub Kindergarten Teacher jhartlaub@lincolncharterpa.com
Akilah Hawkins Culture and Climate ahawkins@lincolncharterpa.com
Kariann Hollinger Second Grade Teacher khollinger@lincolncharterpa.com
Karen Horn ESL Manager khorn@lincolncharterpa.com
Robert Jay Technology Teacher rjay@lincolncharterpa.com
Cathy Jenkins Special Education Staff cjenkins@lincolncharterpa.com
Ivan Beatty Jr Building and Grounds ibeatty@lincolncharterpa.com
Michelle Kilgore Special Education Teacher mkilgore@lincolncharterpa.com
Morgan Klinedinst ESL Teacher mklinedinst@lincolncharterpa.com
Emily Laughlin Fifth Grade Teacher elaughlin@lincolncharterpa.com
Alexis Lindo Special Ed Teacher alindo@lincolncharterpa.com
Dawn Long Speech and Language Pathologist dlong@lincolncharterpa.com
Jennifer Luckenbaugh Kindergarten Teacher jluckenbaugh@lincolncharterpa.com
Amanda Mertz Fifth Grade Teacher amertz@lincolncharterpa.com
Tracey Mills Guidance Counselor tmills@lincolncharterpa.com
Katherine Minton Third Grade Teacher kminton@lincolncharterschoolpa.com
Amy Mummert Reading Specialist amummert@lincolncharterpa.com
Denise Mundis Instructional Coach dmundis@lincolncharterpa.com
Kim Murray Administrative Assistant kmurray@lincolncharterpa.com
Anna Nobbs ESL Teacher anobbs@lincolncharterpa.com
Morgan Oberlander Special Ed Teacher moberlander@lincolncharterpa.com
Nohemi Ortiz Bi-Lingual Secretary nortiz@lincolncharterpa.com
Katelyn Peterson Art Teacher kwitman@lincolncharterpa.com
Jessica Powell Instructional Coach jpowell@lincolncharterpa.com
Christine Rohrbach School Nurse crohrbach@lincolncharterpa.com
Anna Roll Fourth Grade Teacher aroll@lincolncharterpa.com
Melissa Rumbaugh Occupational Therapist mrumbaugh@lincolncharterpa.com
Melissa Rumbaugh Occupational Therapist mrumbaugh@lincolncharterpa.com
Deborah Savage Assistant Principal & Director of Special Education Services dsavage@lincolncharterpa.com
Rose Saylor Second Grade Teacher rsaylor@lincolncharterpa.com
Angel SchuegBell Building and Grounds
Sharon Sipe Instructional Coach ssipe@lincolncharterpa.com
Kristin Sipe Primary Academy Coach ksipe@lincolncharterpa.com
Deborah Smallwood Fourth Grade Teacher dsmallwood@lincolncharterpa.com
Karen Smallwood Staff
Ginny Smeltzer Administrative Assistant ksears@lincolncharterpa.com
Shante Smith Human Resources ssmith@lincolncharterpa.com
Emily Spezial Third Grade Teacher espezial@lincolncharterpa.com
Jessica Stefanik Third Grade Teacher jstefanik@lincolncharterpa.com
Brandy Stormes First Grade Teacher bstormes@lincolncharterpa.com
Becky Tallman Physical Therapist btallman@lincolncharterpa.com
Margret Thummel Kindergarten Teacher mthummel@lincolncharterpa.com
Dana Viswanathan Kindergarten Teacher dviswanathan@lincolncharterpa.com
Kim Wadleigh Special Education Teacher kwadleigh@lincolncharterpa.com
Christine Wallick First Grade Teacher cwallick@lincolncharterpa.com
Sharon Warner-Smith First Grade Teacher shsmith@lincolncharterpa.com
Kim Wilhide First Grade Teacher kwilhide@lincolncharterpa.com
Tynisha Wilkes Special Ed Staff twilkes@lincolncharterpa.com
Jayda Wilson Instructional Coach jwilson@lincolncharterpa.com
Jen Young Library/MediaTeacher jyoung@lincolncharterpa.com