HVAC Proposal

Lincoln Charter School


Main Campus: 559 W. King St. York, PA

Campus B: 459 W. King St. York, PA


Request for Proposal - HVAC


General Description:

Lincoln Charter School is accepting bids to repair/replace the following HVAC related items at Campus B located at 459 W. King St. York, PA.  Accepting bids through Sunday, October 16, 2022. Work must be completed as soon as possible but no later than November 15, 2022


Job Specifications (Parts & Labor Requested):

Replacement of Daikin VRF condensers:

  1. Remove and dispose of (1) existing 12ton and (2) existing 10ton Daikin VRF condensers on the roof.
  2. Provide and install (1) Daikin 12ton condensing unit or similar compatible units that match existing unit specs.
  3. Provide and install (2) Daikin 10ton condensing units or similar compatible units that match existing units’ specs and twinning kit.
  4. Reconnect existing line sets, pressurize with nitrogen, test for leaks.
  5. Perform power and control wiring.
  6. Factory assist start up.
  7. Start, cycle, and inspect operation.
  8. Bid must include crane, rigging permit, and inspection fees.
  9. Bid must include verification that ALL classrooms and workspaces throughout the building will be appropriate, industry-approved access to HVAC after installation. 
  10. Ensure all Daikin or similar compatible units are operational and trouble signals are removed.
  11. OPTIONAL: Propose alternative HVAC system for gymnasium


Walkthrough and Q&A: Available upon request. Contact Rob Catten at rcatten@lincolncharterpa.com or 717-852-5080.


Bidding Requirements:

-Contractors must be licensed and insured 

-Contractors must submit proof of Certificate of Insurance (COI) with bid.

-Contractors must submit a completed W-9 with bid.

-Please itemize bid to mimic job specifications.

-Bids and required documents should be emailed to rcatten@lincolncharterpa.com .


Thank you!